Beautiful smoothie bowls


Nom, nom, nom… Oh god, this bowl tasted soooo good. As a cookbook I knew i had to try some of the recipes before writing my review and I must say, it went beyond my expectations. Beautiful Smoothie Bowls by Carissa Bonham from Creative Green Living includes 80 recipes for smooth-… wait, you don’t know what is a smoothie bowl? It is a smoothie usually made with frozen fruits (which gives it a thicker consistency and sometimes a “nice-cream” texture), decorated with all kinds of colorful toppings. The book contains very helpful advice and explanations about the tools required, nutritional profile of superfoods used in the recipes, labels for vegan, paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free diets, tips and even a troubleshooting table!. This last one is extremely helpful for all of us who find it hard to stick to the original recipe and start experimenting like a mad scientist giving it a personal touch.

beautiful smoothie bowls

The moment I realized the recipes where dead-easy to make and faster than deciding on a movie it gained my seal of approval, as expected. The plot twist came when I offered a bowl to Mr. hubby -who favors a diet full of processed and unhealthy foods- and he gave his seal of approval as well. Woah… I was expecting him to have just a taste and give it back for me to finish (as it usually happens), but instead, when I turned around his bowl was already empty. He did refuse to have spruce tips as topping tho (that was my addition to the original recipe). I, on other hand, loved the contrast it created with the goji berriesand the lemony taste it has. Guess what I will be “cooking” for the hot summer days?.

For more information about the book and where to buy it, check out any of the links below:

Creative Green Living


I got my eARC from NetGalley

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