What we see in the stars by Kelsey Oseid [ARC review]

cover112667-mediumDo you remember gazing at the night sky when you were a kid?. I remember how much I enjoyed staring at the star-filled sky from the window of the car whenever we wereon a road trip to the countryside. I still enjoy looking for Orion and getting this sense of mystery, longing and at times, melancholy. That is why this time I chose this beautiful book. Must admit that the countless galaxy themed posts on my social media might have influenced me as well.

What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky is a very enjoyable book for adults and kids alike that will take you on a journey across the night sky. It introduces the reader to the constellations, milky way, our solar system and other celestial phenomena with clear explanations about their behavior, interactions and mythological references.

Explanations are short and sweet, just enough science to understand what we are talking about without dwelling too deep into it. Instead, it focuses on old stories and the mythology that surrounds most things in space, which is something that kids, me and anyone else opting for the romantic side of space are more interested about. The simply explained terms, phenomena and mythological references make it a great choice as a first approach to astronomy for kids. It succeeds to keep the reader engaged instead of overwhelmed.

The more than 100 illustrations are also informative and can be enough for keeping the attention of very young children while older ones can also learn from the explanations. I can see this book as one of those you get as a kid but continue enjoying over the years.

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