In My World – Jillian Ma, Mimi Chao (Illustrations)

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I heard so many good things about this book that I had check it out. In a second it was over and my heart was smiling. This cute picture book lets us take a peak inside the marvelous and pure world of a little boy as he tell us everything he does “in his world”.


In My World
Written by Jillian Ma
Illustrated by Mimi Chao
Keywords: picture book, autism, awareness, children
Published August 4th 2017 by Future Horizons


Like any other kid, he envisions a world where he can play with other kids, express himself, eat his favorite snacks, dream or just simply say “good night”. The thing is, he has autism. When I got to that part, I understood what makes this book special; it is as simple as any other picture book, with a rhyming sentence in every page, but it has a strong message to deliver: “autistic kids have all those dreams, desires and feelings proper of any kid their age, but they need some help from us to achieve them”. This is perfectly expressed in very few pages and its simplicity helps to create stronger impact.

Mimi Chao’s  illustrations work really well, they are happy and comforting and add extra impact to the story. People or creatures and bright yellow flowers accompany the kid in his journeys, except from the one where it depicts how others see his world. That one is shown on a gray background and there is nothing around the kid. As we move to the next page, the rest of the message is delivered and the grayness fades back to a warm yellow and there are creatures and people once again, holding those bright yellow flowers that (I believe) symbolize the help others give, so that he can reach his dreams.

This picture book is a great gift for families, relatives, friends and in general, anyone who has a little warrior with autism in their lives. It is short like most picture books and visually appealing for little kids, but the message manages to reach adults the best.

eArc provided by Future Horizons via NetGalley

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