Scarlet – Marissa Meyer


by Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #2
Keywords: Little red riding hood, romance, fantasy, retelling, SF,  YA, dystopia, cyborg, strong female character
Paperback, 452 pages
Published February 7th 2013 by Puffin Books


I devoured this book. Once more, I liked how well this retelling was made. Just the right amount of symbolism and likeness with the fairy tale, properly blended within the modern scenarios and characters. This book is narrated as two parallel stories that eventually meet. On one side we have Cinder, picking up from where we left in the previous book, and on the other side we have Scarlet’s story. Same timeline, different cities. At first, I felt that the switch between stories happened too early: just when I was getting in the mood with one of them, it changed to the other one, but as the story progresses the pace gets better and better.

Cinder is now trying to survive and figure out one thing at a time. The poor thing didn’t even have customers in her booth one book ago and now she is in the eye of the storm, trying to scape with her new friend -not- Captain Thorne. At this point I feel like he is the comic relief, along with Iko. I got Hans Solo and Chewbacca vibes with those two, even tho Iko doesn’t really fit the chewbacca role and she would probably hate me because I just compared her to a hairy creature hahaha!. Thorne fits Hans Solo’s style; he is a funny, sarcastic and flirtatious guy who “borrowed”(stole) a spaceship that he truly cherishes.

On the other side we have our second couple: Scarlet and Wolf. Their relationship is fast peaced, bumpy and more physical than with our previous couple. I would agree with Iko on this one (refer to quote below). He fits the idea of a “Wolf”: strong, hunter, protective, aggressive and restless. Because of the fairy tale, I kept wondering if he would become a villain, kill someone or what. Their story takes place in France and revolves around the disappearance of Scarlet’s grandmother and the quest to find her.

“Scarlet and Wolf are saying gushy things in the galley,” Iko said. “Normally I like gushy things, but its different when its real people. I prefer the net dramas.”
Marissa Meyer, Scarlet

Scarlet and Cinder are great heroines; daring, brave and independent. As for the boys, is it just me, or is Kai the damsel in distress of the story? I feel like he is the most helpless and in need of rescue from them all. Wolf is the strong type and Thorne, the irresistible teaser.

I loved the mystery, action scenes and how their stories are woven together. Nothing here feels forced and the plot keeps getting thicker and thicker. While writing this review, I’m already half-way reading Cress; the third book of the series. I don’t think it is too early to say these have been my best YA reads of 2017.


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  2. Completely agree! The second book is my favorite of the whole series, mostly because of Wolf and Scarlet being such cute cinnamon buns, both individually and as a couple. The story was extremely fast-paced and really came a long way since Cinder, writing and plot wise, which was a lovely surprise.
    I really hope you love the next few installments as much as you loved this one, if not more! Cress is adorable and if you are enjoying it so far, you’ll definitely be swooning by the end 🙂
    Awesome review ❤

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  3. I have been wanting to read this series so bad! Fantastic Review as always!😄

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  4. I loved this novel too – though it felt a little slow in some parts. I am yet to finish of the series: still have ‘Winter’ and ‘Stars Above’ to go, (not counting ‘Wires and Nerve’) This has really been one of my favorite fairy-tale inspired series. Looking forward to seeing what you think of ‘Cress.’

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    • Hi Casey! Thanks for the follow 💗🙏 I’m almost done with Cress, had to put it on hold since rivetedlit is having different free reads each day until dec 25th 😍

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