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Can’t believe I finished the third book of The Lunar Chronicles already. I am starting to fear that I wont know what to do with my life once i finish them all. I need more Iko in my life and – oh wait, there’s still Wires and Nerve series that focuses on Iko so, yay!. Our couple this time is Cress (inspired by Rapunzel) and Captain Thorne (his personality makes me think of a young Han Solo).


by Marissa Meyer
Series: The Lunar Chronicles #3
Keywords: Rapunzel, romance, fantasy, fairy tale retelling, SF,  YA, dystopia, cyborg, sci-fi.
Paperback, 550 pages
Published February 6th 2014 by Puffin Books


Let’s pretend Cress is Leia with those nice braids and the storm trooper in the back is Iko, hahaha!


With our two previous couples (Cinder-Kai and Scarlet-Wolf), I found their personalities interesting and well developed. I didn’t identify with any of them but I enjoyed their reactions, adventures and struggles. But (yes, you saw that one coming) with Cress I didn’t feel that. I understand that she is socially awkward, a bit of a stalker, computer nerdy and has unrealistic romantic expectations, but I was still expecting something more from her. Instead, I found her personality two-dimensional and predictive (but it works well next to Thorne). Or maybe it’s because I saw myself in her and ended up cringing at most of her actions. Wait, I might have just called myself two-dimensional, hahaha! (Well, I don’t mind, if only that  would allow me to hang out with all of my dear fictional characters). I guess that after Cinder and Scarlet, I was expecting another strong and independent female character, but Cress fell more under the damsel in distress category.

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Thorne on the other hand, gets a standing ovation for making me laugh time and again. If you like sarcasm and clever punch lines, he is your guy. Perhaps because he stands out effortlessly, Cress gets a little bit overshadowed. She is indeed a Crescent Moon, and he is the blinding sun that makes her shine~

“Do you think it was destiny that brought us together?”
He squinted and, after a thoughtful moment, shook his head. “No. I’m pretty sure it was Cinder.”

As with the previous books, the story focuses mainly on the couple in question and afterwards we get to see the whole gang in action. All the parts are important to the main plot and they are interwoven in such a clever way that you don’t even notice the transitions. I love when they all get together, the story is always enjoyable and full of camaraderie. Some parts of this book felt longer than they should be and Cress, with her two-dimensionality, didn’t make that extra mile any more comfortable (literally, because… well, spoilers I guess). But don’t get me wrong, Cress and Thorne are the cutest couple (so far) in a very innocent way, thanks to Cress. Now I finally know why everyone loves Thorne; he is such a funny character, and it gets hilarious when you pair him up with Jacin aka. Mr Grumpy cat. I really want to see more moments with those two.

Grumpy Cat Makes Appearance At Kitson Santa Monica


Thorne grunted. “In that case, has anyone seen my gun?”
“I’ve got it,” said Jacin.
“Can I have it back?”


After a while, the story goes back to its awesome flow with action, struggles and the rest of the characters, including my adorable Iko. The plot keeps developing and I can’t wait to see Queen Levana out of this galaxy. So far all the books from the series end in a way that makes me jump straight away to the next one.

These books are so easy to read that you will gobble them down. I’m reading Harry Potter at the same time as Winter and i must confess, I’m not even half as much invested in the wizardry world as I am with The Lunar Chronicles *gasp*. Alright, I have watched all Potter movies (several times and I just had a marathon) so that might have something to do with it, but I still enjoy Marissa Meyer’s storytelling a tad more than J.K. Rowling’s.


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  1. You’re making me feign for this series girl!!!😍

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  3. Okay, I must admit I haven’t known the Lunar Chronicles so far but they sound pretty cool. I guess I found a new row of books to read 😉

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  4. merv

    This post is gonna make my TBR grow!

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  5. I completely agree with you. After such fierce personalities such as Cinder and Scarlet (Scarlet being my favorite of them all) Cress felt incredibly washed out and whiny in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, I still find her adorable in her own awkward way, but sometimes it felt a bit forced? Cringy, even?
    I definitely see myself in Cress at times, but my impulsiveness and hotheadedness is a direct match to Scarlet’s. So I do relate to her more. However, I can be balanced enough when I make an effort, so maybe I’m actually more Cinder than anything else.
    Regardless, like you, I still think Cress could have suffered a much bigger development and be way more interesting. She didn’t have to be like Scarlet or Cinder, but she did need to be more. She was a bit too attached to Thorne and I actually felt bad for her because he didn’t seem to reciprocate her feelings at all? In the end, I never actually felt they worked as a couple? I don’t know. It always felt more like a child and older brother to me! Just my opinion.
    Amazing review, of course, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Winter 🙂

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    • Exactly!, I’m still hoping to see her mature in future chapters. Now that you mention it, it does feel more like a child-older brother relationship. Have you done the character test at Marissa’s Lunar Chronicles website?. I got Winter, so Im quite curious to see what kind of girls she is, so far all i know is that she is a bit weird 😂


      • Hmm not yet! I’ll go and check it out just for fun hahaha Maybe I’ll get a completely different result than I was expecting?
        Winter is such a great character! She’s a bit weird, yeah, but not in a bad way hahaha And plus, it’s explained why she is the way she is so it makes all perfect sense 🙂

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