The Art of Brush Lettering – Kelly Klapstein

It’s not too late to get in the brush lettering hype and if you rather learn at home, chillaxed, at your own pace and surrounded by -no people- (#yay introverts), I have a great book recommendation for you:


The Art of Brush Lettering: A Stroke-by-Stroke Guide to the Practice and Techniques of Creative Lettering and Calligraphy
by Kelly Klapstein
Keywords: non-ficiton, art, brush lettering, relaxing, hobby, visual, step-by-step

Paperback, 160 pages
Published November 28th 2017 by Quarry Books

As the title implies, this is all about brush lettering, not lettering in general. It has very detailed instructions, the design is very pretty (just like the cover) and it has good amount of pictures. It explains all the basic strokes, drills, lower and upper case alphabets, practice worksheets plus a bit of faux calligraphy, freestyle lettering and special effects (dimension, blending and flourishes are covered in easy and clear step-by-step instructions). The special “flavor” of this book is that it shows brush lettering from a holistic perspective, as a way to be present and relax your mind and body.

 “Use your critical eye” areas provide even more help for when basic instructions are not enough. I found this section of great value, as it can fix many issues that arise at the beginning,  the type you only realize once you start doing. These tips are the ones that would make me buy this book right away because, when I learn at home, I feel easily insecure and wonder if I’m  actually doing things the right way or if  there is any progress made at all.  This section helps with that, it is meant to give you tips and tricks so that you can self-assess and correct (if necessary) your own work.

The most appealing thing about this book is that it contains a lot of in depth information that usually gets omitted in printed instructional books. In this case, I’m not just referring to the “use your critical eye” section, but also the information about correct posture and body exercises (hands, neck and shoulders). With those, you wont only learn brush lettering, you can also learn how to keep your practice stress free and avoid muscle strain and tension.

I got my eArc from Quarto Publishing Group – Quarry via NetGalley



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