Fantasy Genesis Characters by Chuck Lukacs

Guess what? I got bookmail yesterday  and it totally made my day! I pre-ordered this title and have been anxiously waiting for it. Lately I’ve been drawing more because I really want to create fanart from my favorite books. That is the reason why I have been delaying posts about fiction titles, I know, doesn’t make sense, I could post the review and make other post with fanart in a future one (and I just realized that now, wow…my brain works in mysterious ways). Alright, book review time!


Fantasy Genesis Characters: A Creativity Game for Drawing Original People and Creatures
by Chuck Lukacs

Keywords: how-to, draw, character-design, art, illustration, games, educational, hobbies, fantasy, reference.

*Paperback, 144 pages
Published March 20th 2018 by Impact


My attraction to this book started with the cover, it’s an art related book, so I want eye candy. Luckily it didn’t stop with the cover, the content is beautifully presented and there are a lot of images. From the 144 pages this book has, about only 5 don’t have illustrations (and I’m counting the index and title page as two of them).



Probably the nicest looking contents page I have seen


This book is meant to teach you how to create original characters (humans and creatures) by paying attention to emotions and their different facial expressions, behaviors, archetypes, age, costume design and cultural background. Every page is filled with drawing lessons so that you can conveying attitudes, emotions and overall make your characters more interesting and accurate to what you want to transmit. It also has mini lessons on drawing basics: human anatomy, folds and fabric, drawing from life and reference, silhouetting and exercises to hone your skills.

A new use for your RPG dices

What makes this book special is that it incorporates gaming!. There are boxes all over the book with themed, enumerated lists (for example, emotions, expressions, actions, occupations). Each one says the type and number of dices you will need for each given box and by combining different boxes you can create random characters that will challenge your creativity and make you explore new possibilities. For those of you who have enjoyed role play games and want to create original characters, you are going to love this approach. It can be a great way to have fun and create drawing challenges with other people and at the same time develop your skills.

*I requested an eArc from F+W Media – Impact via NetGalley (Thank you!) and then bought my copy via Wordery.


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  1. Wow, this book looks beautiful!

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    • Hi Manon! yes😍 it looks so pretty and inspiring. I have struggled with drawing the human figure so I needed a book to motivate me and this is it 😋


  2. The book sounds great and I can’t wait to check out your fan art!!

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