The Cramm Awards and life updates

Hello everyone! Missed me? I have missed you all a lot. I have been MIA from WordPressland and mostly getting rid of my worries through art. Art is my therapy and my best way to channel all negativity into something positive and uplifting. I recently won 1 year of Skillshare premium, so I am really happy I will be able to keep learning for many months to come! Would you like me to share my creations here?.

My email has been overflowing with messages about the GDPR law and little by little I’m learning about what it is all about. So far sounds good, specially for new generations and because of the constant development in AI and big data. But my knowledge is very limited.

I recently got nominated by lovely Meghan @Meghan’s Whimsical Explorations & Reviews for the Cramm Awards! When i got notification of an award I thought “oh boy, I bet this will be a “Silent blogger award” or “where the heck are you?! award” hahahah!!! Now, lets have some fuuun!


  • Include that tidbit about who created this awesome award: theCramm (a 14 y.o. girl founder and sole writer of theCramm. Her goal? Changing the world – one Cramm at a time – and creating activists out of the next generation by informing them about the world’s happenings.)
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun challenge question

3 Things that motivates me to blog:

  1. Interacting with WordPressland dwellers! it’s amazing!: friendships, lost brothers and sisters, mentors, doppelgangers, yourself, you find them all when you start a blog.
  2. My love for books, crafts, anime and lack of people with whom I can share info about these (without driving them insane sometimes).
  3. Tags and Nominations! I feel like I’m playing “pass the ball” and it is always fuuuun (and I just read Irina’s post on tags, while procrastinating and taking a break from all the questions, ohh the sweet irony, lol)

3 People who inspire you to blog:

Only 3?!!! (can I switch to 11 people who inspire me and tag only 3 friends?)

Alright, I will start with Evilcyclist’s Blog because I really like how he reviews all kinds of books and poems. The content of his blog is so good and unique. Long or short posts, it doesn’t matter, it feels like there is just the right amount of information that needs to be told and always in the most articulated way. Yep, check for yourself.

When it comes to crafty blogging, I get my inspiration from kelleysdiy. I would love to be able to make so many wonderful posts like she does! but alas, I’m quite slow at the crafting-taking pics-editing-writing-posting business. I’m trying! You’ll see on my next review of a book called Addict! There will be some eye candy.

My third inspiration is

These 3 blogs sum up what I wished my blog was: a source of knowledge full of colors, emotions and everyday life. Btw, this question is the main reason I like tags and nominations. It is the way I can show my appreciation for my fellow bloggers in a non-creepy fully acceptable way.

Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world:

Become what I wish the world was, It is all about teaching by example, walk the talk and all that. Simple as that.

Answer your challenge question,

 How do you come up with questions such as these? Do you try to make them difficult to answer? Do you base it off of what you’re currently reading/watching? (I kinda wanna know!)

Mmmm…. It is all random, really. Thoughts I might have at the very moment I’m answering the post , plus, something that lets me know more about the way my fellow bloggers think. Some day it might even be “answer what shall I make for dinner today?” 😛

Nominate 10+ bloggers and give them a fun challenge question

And back to Irina’s post…I don’t want to spam everyone, but on the other hand I know how awesome a nomination feels, like “heey, I’m thinking about you. Here, a flower a nomination for you.” so, I will spread the love but don’t feel obligated to anything, okay? remember that fun goes first!. I’ll nominate 3 + anyone who wants to share their ideas in the comment section:

Peri , Alicia (no, I’m not nominating myself! we have the same name ^.^) and Nesha

My challenge question for you: If you were granted the ability to be a genius in something (math, economy, chef, dancer, etc) at the expense of forgetting everything else that doesn’t belong to your area of expertise (say, you are the best dancer but you suck at math, burn the food, fail at giving speeches, etc)… what would your mastery be and why?

That’s all! Have a great weekend my friends!


About Alicia

I enjoy sharing my love for good books with other people. I wish you can find the type of books meant for you. Art is my passion. Both activities allow me to travel to imaginary places, learn, grow and share my journey with others. Feel free to join me, I love company.


  1. I would love to see your beautiful crations, Lovely!❤❤❤ Congrats on receiving this nomination and the products.😁❤ I am so glad that art is such a great coping skill for you.❤❤❤

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  2. I love your art and it’s a great outlet! Thank you so much for the nomination! I will definitely have to think about that question for a bit! Also congrats on your nomination!

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  3. Yay! I’m glad you did this and that you enjoyed doing it! 😀 I agree interacting with everyone WordPress is just so fun and everyone is so nice! 🙂
    Haha that sounds fair. I never know how to come up with questions for these type of things, I feel like I’m looking around for inspiration and can never find it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know what you mean, every time I try to come up with something clever or elaborated my brain just says “nope”, but when i just let it puke whatever it wants, nice things come out… eventually hahaha!

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  4. mel


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  5. Hey, thank you for nominating me!
    That’s actually a very interesting blog prompt! I’ll think of something to answer your challenge. I hope I can make it for my blog post tomorrow! 😉

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  6. There are no coincidences!!!

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