The Art of Map Illustration by James Gulliver Hancock, Hennie Haworth, Stuart Hill, Sarah King

Art book review, who is excited?! \o/ yes!


The Art of Map Illustration: A step-by-step artistic exploration of contemporary cartography and mapmaking
by James Gulliver Hancock, Stuart Hill, Sarah King, Hennie Haworth

Keywords: art, reference, drawing, traditional illustration, digital illustration, cartography, illustrated, step-by-step, hobbies
*Paperback, 144 pages
Published April 3rd 2018 by Walter Foster Publishing



Have you wondered how touristic maps are made? you know, those with cute drawings of interesting places around the city?. Would you like to try making infographics, mental maps or any kind of artistic map to portray cities, communicate ideas, tell a story, teach about a specific subject or document a moment? Then you can find a lot of inspiration and tips from these 4 artists as they show you their process of mapmaking through real projects from their portfolios.


  • Hennie Haworth shows you, step by step, how to start your illustration and the order in which you should add streets, greenery, buildings, etc. The art is fabulous and the explanations make it easy for you to achieve a similar style. Very useful for traditional artists. You can find tips on how to use and combine different media like water colors, colored pencils, markers, etc. (I’m in love with her style)


  • Stuart Hills guides you throw the process of creating maps digitally, with a lot of tips and techniques like how he achieves a rough/ handmade feeling in his designs. Some tips are only useful if you use Photoshop and Illustrator but most of them can be achieved using other programs. (One of his cool map illustrations)


  • James Gulliver Hancock shows you how he makes use of both, traditional and digital elements, to achieve organic yet modern illustrations. A lot of inspiration here for city maps as well as other types of informative illustrations (just like this one, which is an illustrated recipe).


  • Sarah King shares the traditional skills she uses for map illustration. Unlike the previous artists, her work is mostly black and white and has a very unique style where words are stylized and gracefully blend with the rest of the illustration. A lot of tips for those using pen and ink (Several of her creations)


This is not an “absolute beginners guide to cartography” or a project-based book, but it works for anyone who has a desire to express ideas through drawings or try cartography and wants to learn by watching how professionals tackle these type of projects, how cool is that?.


*I requested an eArc fromΒ Quarto Publishing Group – Walter Foster. Thank you!


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misshoneybugwonders2It would be awesome to be able to make maps and infographics based on books?. Like, a map based on The Raven Boys with POI (points of interest) with tiny drawings of the forest, cemetery, school, the abandoned warehouse and so on. Anyone likes this kind of idea?








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  1. Watercolor_my_life

    Ohhhh this book looks so great! I’m kind of a map nerd and learning map illustration was in my 2019 art goals list, I think I will to get this. πŸ™‚

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    • Ooh great! πŸ˜πŸ‘ I got the map bug only after reading this book πŸ˜‚ there are several map making classes on Skillshare, I took Tom Froese’s class and loved it! Totally worth checking out. Haven’t made a project yet, but I’ll share on IG when I finish it πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. This is so cool! I am such a huge nerd for maps!! I miss paper maps though, they seem to be a rare breed since Google maps took over the world…. Seriously, street view creeps me out… But, this is awesome!! πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep! Same here! 😁 I used to keep the maps they gave at themeparks because they looked so pretty 😍. Paper is magical! Books, maps, hand-written letters… they have something special that their electronic counterparts just can’t simulate. Street view is creepy indeed!, useful but…ugh nope, i want maps and get lost every now and then. No fantastical journey starts with a clear image of your destination nor the fastest route to get there 😀

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