Tarot Made Simple by Liz Dean

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The other day, I was telling my sister about my desire to design a card deck (definitely not influenced by Card Captor Sakura’s Clow cards, coff coff) and then I saw this book available for review! and as I have 0 clue about tarot, I decided to give it a try!


Tarot Made Simple:
The Ultimate Guide to Casting Spreads and Reading the Cards
by Liz Dean

Keywords: tarot, cards, hobby, fortunetelling, visual guide, reference, esoteric
*Spiral-bound, 80 pages
Published August 7th 2018 by Fair Winds Press


Description by Publisher:

Tarot Made Simple makes learning the art of reading tarot cards approachable and stimulating. This unique guide book will teach you to lay out tarot spreads and quickly interpret them for your own daily readings, or longer term readings for friends and family.

Formatted with a unique split-page design, the top pages of this guide present dozens of tarot spreads ranging from the classic Celtic Cross to specialized layouts for relationships, money and career, home, and creativity. The bottom pages include interpretations for each of the the 78 cards of the tarot from renown tarot reader, Liz Dean, for you to quickly find and reference.

There’s no need to awkwardly flip pages in several books while you learn to give readings. This beautifully formatted, full-color guide gives you a tarot layout for every concern that you’ll be able to read it instantly. So why wait? Get answers to your burning questions now with Tarot Made Simple!



It’s just as the name implies, it makes it simple to start playing with your tarot cards. Without any theory and just some introductory information on how attune, shuffle and take care of your card deck, this book is perfect for a beginner who wants to start reading cards right away without much hassle. This book is mainly a compilation of different reading spreads, with short and sweet explanations. The format is quite unique: the top half of the page is meant for spread explanations and the bottom half explains one card from the deck. That’s it, easier than the instructions from a table top game.

I think this books suits those trying tarot for fun or common knowledge. It doesn’t delve into the mysticism, origins or the art of fortunetelling, so I wouldn’t recommend it for those seeking these kind of subjects. If you want to give it a try, it has a lot of spreads to choose from depending on your question or situation: from the simple 1-card daily reading to more elaborated spreads about career,  creativity, love and even a spread for writers!. All you have to do is choose your spread from the top half of the book and then search the meaning of each card from the bottom half of the book.

I gave it a try, with the help of an online page because I don’t own any card deck, and it was fun. It was so fast and easy that I did several different spreads. Did I get any insight? well, I think this is an art that requires good interpretation skills, after all, each card has a fairly subjective meaning. So I wouldn’t say it was a success for me, but as general knowledge it was cool.

**If you want a professional reading, the lovely Dani  @touchmyspinebookreviews is not only a great book reviewer but also a very intuitive card reader 🙂 **

*I got my eArc from Quarto Publishing Group – Fair Winds Press. Thank you!


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    This book review touched my heart in the end! ❤ I needed one of my fave bloggers to brighten my mood and Alicia is just fantastic. Her blog is full of creativity and amazing reviews! I’m so glad I met her and was able to read her different forms of divination for her. She’s such a kind soul so if you haven’t checked out her blog and artwork I recommend it. She is an incredible artist and hope she creates a deck because I know she could sell it on Etsy and such with her talent. I hope everyone has a great day. ❤❤❤

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