Maybe Everything by Alicia Lidwina

Days are clearly getting shorter in this part of the world and those sunny days from summer feel like ages ago. I love fall, but it also brings a melancholic feeling that makes me reflect and look back. With this mood, I start my review.


Maybe Everything

by Alicia Lidwina

Keywords: prose, poetry, short stories, relationships, love, life, philosophic, emotional.
*Paperback, 136 pages
Published September 24th 2018 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Maybe Everything is a collection of short stories, prose and poems about the transcendence of life, dreams, heartaches, encounters and goodbyes.  It is a highly emotional read with a lot to say between the lines. Those who have been in love and out of it and those who feel deeply will inevitably bond and see reflections of their own emotions and experiences as they read.

Lidwina’s writing style is just my cup of tea, if you haven’t checked her blog, please do. It was after reading her short story Komorebi (which is included in this book) that I started following her. What draws me into her writing is that she makes me feel all sorts of emotions. As she pours her heart out, I relate to her way of experiencing the world. Soon enough, I find my heart joining in and making those stories my own. Like Robert Henri wrote: “We read books. They make us think. It matters very little whether we agree with the books or not.” In that same manner, books can makes us feel, empathize and bond… and this is one of those.

I’m not that much into poetry, so the stories were what caught most of my interest. My favorite ones were Komorebi, If Ever So Slightly and Maybe Everything. I leave you with a quote, a bookstagram type picture and one of my favorite songs which I believe fits the mood.

“What would you like to have done differently?”
As I looked into your eyes, I saw everything that we were and everything that we could be. […] I looked into your wife’s blank expression, knowing that she was equally interested in my answer.
“Maybe nothing.”
I looked at you.
“Maybe everything.”



*I got my book from the author without it affecting my review, thank you Alicia!


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2 thoughts on “Maybe Everything by Alicia Lidwina

  1. Alicia Lidwina says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing my book, dear! Komorebi has always been one of my favorites as well. I remember the day after I posted that short story, a few amazing people reached out to me to say that they really liked the piece (including you!)

    ♥️♥️♥️ Sending a virtual hug all the way from Indonesia


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