Teliko Mageia: Curse of the Frozen Flame by A.J. Carbonell

40895073Teliko Mageia:
Curse of the Frozen Flame
by A.J. Carbonell

Keywords: fiction, fantasy, YA, action-driven, battles, magic, hero’s journey.
*Kindle Edition, 401 pages
Published July 16th 2018



Jael, fire mage, earns his living by accepting quests and killing monsters. Aiding him in his adventures is Frekkis, his loyal wolf. Together they travel, guided by Jael’s dreams,  in order to find the meaning behind those dreams his past. However, their journey leads them to the center of the conflict between the Kingdom of Bristal and the Malevolentiam. Aided by his new friends and allies, Jael uses his growing powers to protect the Kingdom and get closer to the truth behind his past.





When I was offered to read this book, I was told it was heavily influenced by RPG games and anime. That’s all I needed to hear. Three months later and here I am, telling you that indeed, it feels like Fairytail and Final Fantasy had a collab and made a novel. This is great if you love fantasy and action, specially action (very much like a shounen manga), with lots of fight scenes.

Having said that, I couldn’t sympathize with any of the characters or situations. Didn’t feel any impact, even during emotional scenes. Most of the time it felt like I was reading descriptions looked from the outside. Sometimes in anime, emotional music and visual aids can help build tension and entice deeper emotions, but we don’t have that here, so some extra work in the narrative would have been nice. This is a matter of taste, of course, if magic fight scenes are your priority, you are in for a treat.

After the first half of the book, the plot thickens and the story becomes more interesting and there is a clear hint of what the second book could be about. I never connected with our hero, but I loved all the places and magic attacks used throughout the book, it was indeed like an rpg game so, prepare for repetitive spells and moves throughout the story. As a novel it has more room for improvement, I feel its full potential could be exploited as a visual novel, comic or animation. That would be awesome.

Fanart time! I thought a static illustration wouldn’t make justice to the 80% of action content the book has, so hey, a comic page!:



If you like RPG games, oh you so need to watch EPIC NPC MAN videos on YouTube, it’s hilarious!


*I got my eArc from the author without that affecting my review.


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