Stop Chasing Shadows with The Power of Inner Connection by Susanne McAllister

Hello my friends! How is December treating you so far? are you ready for a New Year?. I have started cleaning, getting rid of stuff I no longer use and repairing what needs to be fixed so that I can start a fresh next year.  That also means I want to finish reading all the arcs I have accepted this year 😉

Stop Chasing Shadows with The Power of Inner Connection
by Susanne McAllister

Keywords: non fiction, adult, counseling, metaphysics, self-help, spirituality, therapy.
*Kindle Edition, 293 pages Published July 24th 2016
by Sanita Street Publishing

Alright, I must admit it took me longer than expected to finish reading this book. Reason being, it has some descriptive stories involving rape, violence and overall “crude” situations that, as an empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) it was hard to deal with. Having said that, I found this book interesting because it focuses on regressions and past lives, which are subjects I’m interested about.

At the beginning I got a bit confused, first four chapters explain what is and what is not “Inner Connection”, but I didn’t get it: “Inner Connection is an empowering technique for you. It gives you the control and puts you in contact with your higher self or the source ‘of all there is'” For me, it felt really vague. After reading it to the end, how I understood it, is that Inner Connection is a mix of regression, mindfulness and introspection that can tap into your past lives and help you understand your current problems and heal yourself. If you have read works by Dr. Brian Weiss and alike, then you’ll be familiar with what is mentioned here. If this is all new to you, chapters 4 to 7 are a great introduction to myths about hypnosis, it’s presence in our everyday life and how Inner Connection can help you heal.

I have read a fair amount of self-help and metaphysical books, so what got me interested in this book in particular was that “This book reads like a fantastic real life novel – crime, mystery, love stories and even aliens” (Goodreads description) nope. nope. nope. that’s misleading. It reads like memoirs from real life therapy sessions. I wouldn’t call those gruesome scenes, narrated in first person, as  a “fantastic real life novel”. This wasn’t at all what I expected. Aside the issues previously mentioned, the “family friendly” chapters were nice and interesting and will surely help many people. Specially appreciated the abundance of references to other literature and the visualization meditation at the end, but this wasn’t the book for me.

*I got my eArc from Beacon Publishing Group. Thank you!

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