Secrets of PEACE by T.A. Hernandez

Happy New Year! I’ll save the resolutions stuff for tomorrow’s post, today’s spotlight goes to book reviewing! and because I want to start the year with happy feelings, I will choose a book that I really liked:

Secrets of PEACE
Secrets of PEACE #1
by T.A. Hernandez

Keywords: fiction, sci-fi, thriller, romance, YA, dystopia, conspiracy, strong female MC
*Kindle Edition, 293 pages Published July 24th 2016
by Sanita Street Publishing

Description by Goodreads

Nearly 30 years ago, the PEACE Project rose from the ruins of a global war to take power over a new America. Providing stability in exchange for absolute authority, the Project controls every aspect of citizens’ lives through each of its five units:


Raised in the Project since infancy, eighteen-year-old Zira has been trained as an assassin under the stern guidance of unit E-2’s Chairman Ryku. After she makes a careless mistake on an assignment, the chairman partners her with Jared, the best operative in her unit. Their partnership transforms into friendship as they work together and learn to rely on each other. But when misinformation causes a solo mission to backfire, Zira’s deepest loyalties and strongest relationships are tested in a place where even a hint of doubt can be perceived as treason. The life she knows is falling apart, and nothing will ever look the same again.

Such an enjoyable story. The scenario is that of a dystopian world where a major authority controls every aspect of society and, apparently, creates a happy place for everyone. We see this world through Zira’s eyes, a petite girl who was raised as an assassin and who believes she is killing “the bad guys” thus keeping common people safe. As she takes on assignments and interacts with the world outside the PEACE facility she was raised in, her ideals and believes begin to shatter, forcing her to leave the path she was supposed to follow.

What I loved the most was the storytelling, the pace of the story goes really well with the mood and action scenes, it was almost like watching a movie. It’s a light read and the characters are well defined and with a lot of growth showing already in this first part of the story. Another enjoyable aspect was that the romance worked well with the thriller without overwhelming or pushing each other. This is just the first part of the series and it doesn’t bring a satisfying closure at the end, so you will definitely want to keep reading the rest of the story. If you like action, dystopias, romance and kick-ass female characters, I would definitely recommend this title.

*I got my copy from the author, that doesn’t affect my review.

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