New Year resolutions and easy DIY vision board

Yeah I know, 2 weeks of 2019 have already passed but better late than never!! I decided that instead of telling you all the stuff I want to do this year (from which half I wont finish or even remember), I shall show my Vision Board and how to do an erasable calendar/ organizer.

First of all, I wanted to show you this, yes! I made it! barely…

I read 52 on 2017 so I can see that I slowed down but I’m okay with that because I know the reason is that I started making art almost daily. No regrets here, I just want 48 hours a day because I do miss reading more. I have so many bookish plans! I want to make comic strips about being a bookblogger, I got the inspiration when I made a skillshare project about my journey after 1 year of blogging, this is one of the drawings I made:

Can you relate???

Now, about the vision board, it is really easy to do, fun and keeps you focused on your goals if you put it somewhere visible in your home (definitely do, there’s no point if you can’t see it).

DIY Vision Board

Not a piece of art like those you see in Pinterest, but it works, it’s unique and precious to me.

When I do my vision board, I add stuff that resonates with me. For example, there was a green smoothie next to the orange, but I don’t like green ones. So even if it fits my theme of “healthier eating and smoothies” the idea of me drinking a green smoothie doesn’t motivate me at all and therefore I don’t add it to my board.

On the other hand, those images of berries and dragonfly on the right corner doesn’t serve any specific purpose, but I really like those elements and somehow I want them in my life. Wanna know something funny? Before I started blogging, I made a vision board where I added this:

I had no idea what that was, no purpose, but I really liked the castle in the clouds and the whimsical bird- I just knew I wanted more fantasy and magic in my life (and nyanko sensei, apparently). The rest is history, after many years I rediscovered my love for fiction books and started reviewing, drawing fan art and finding all that fantasy I was wishing for. So yup! even if something doesn’t make sense at first but it makes you happy, just put it there 😉 Nyanko agrees~

drawing of miss honeybug crafting

That’s all! Next Sunday I’ll show you how to do a DIY erasable calendar/ tracker and my thoughts on Daphne’s Diary 2019 planner. See ya!


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