Aversion by Kenechi Udogu

The Mentalist Series #1
by Kenechi Udogu

Keywords: fiction, romance, YA, paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary.
*Published December 1st 2012 Kindle Edition, 133 pages

This is the first installment of a 3 book + prequel series and I’m enjoying it so far. It is a light read with an interesting plot that includes special powers, teenage romance and many secrets.At the moment I’m publishing this post, this book is available for FREE as kindle and NOOK.


We see this story through the eyes of naive 16 year old Gemma who hasn’t interacted much with the world. Reason being, she is an averter, a person with special powers that can see when a bad life-changing event will happen to someone in the nearby future. She can sort of hypnotize them (avert them), therefore changing their unfortunate fate. People with this ability are destined to help others, doing aversions, but never revealing the existence of such powers to others. Gemma has been extra careful not to rise attention or interact with people. However, the day she makes her first aversion, something goes wrong and secrets about her abilities and family start to come out.

At times Gemma’s decisions frustrated me, but they totally make sense for a 16 year old character and, more often than not, I found myself giggling at her reactions. I liked her, she is relatable. However, at this point I’m more curious about her father and I wonder if we’ll ever get the chance to see his past and the world from his perspective. He is a 31-year-old single parent of a teenager and it sounds like he has a lot of back stories to tell us.

It’s a smooth sail here, even if there’s action, drama and suspense, the story doesn’t consume you emotionally or take you on a roller coaster, which is really nice if you are not in the mood for an overly stimulating read. I would have liked more character depth and that the plot wouldn’t flow so smoothly, with everyone accepting their fates fairly easy. All in all it was nice, the romance was sweet and I have a feeling this is just the beginning for a more complex story awaiting in the second book. I would recommend it if you are in the mood for a light YA story, it’s a fast and entertaining read for the weekend or your next readathon.

*I got my copy from the author, that doesn’t affect my review.

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