Book Blurb: Former First Lady by Ebony Edwards-Ellis

Hello friends!! Fancy some politics with romance? I found this book’s description really unique and thought it could spark your interest as well, so without further ado:

Former First Lady

by Ebony Edwards-Ellis

Keywords: fiction, contemporary romance, political commentary, strong feminist sensibilities
Kindle Edition, 269 pages Published November 2nd 2018


What would you do if your husband decides to run for president without telling you? What if he actually won?

These are questions that Shelley Diggs, a New York City based novelist and mother of two must answer after her husband, City Councilman Barry Welles, decides to run for president after Donald Trump resigns in 2019. After Barry successfully unseats 46th president, Mike Pence, in 2020, he and Shelley become the second African-American First Couple.

Forced to put her career on hold to live in Washington, DC, Shelley grows to resent her lack of freedom and privacy and begins resisting the responsibilities of the role that has been thrust upon her. Her marriage disintegrates and Shelley ends up leaving Barry shortly after he finishes his second term, eventually settling in Harlem.

However, Shelley soon finds herself lonely and yearning for her husband. When tragedy strikes her family, Shelley must make a choice–continue on her quest for autonomy or return to the comforts of marriage with the man she still loves.

A contemporary romance that offers up witty political commentary and strong feminist sensibilities, Former First Lady is a bittersweet tale of romantic redemption that offers up a (believable) happily ever after ending.


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About the author

Ebony Edwards-Ellis currently lives in New York City. She is the author of “Memoirs of A Royal Consort” and “Former First Lady” She explains how the idea for her latest book came to be:

“I first got the idea after the Stormy Daniels payoff story broke. Melania Trump was obviously angry with her husband and there was speculation that Melania Trump would divorce her husband. I wondered how one would go about divorcing a sitting president. So I played with the idea in my mind before I came up with Shelley Diggs and the plot of ‘Former First Lady.'” from Goodreads

Author’s Social Media Links

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