The Art of Visual Notetaking by Emily Mills

The Art of Visual Notetaking: An Interactive Guide to Visual Communication and Sketchnoting is a 128 pages workbook that teaches you how to take notes incorporating visually pleasing elements like simple drawings, fun lettering, symbols and even colors.

Probably many of us have done this to some extend, we hear certain words from a lecture and start doodling them all over the page. The difference here is, when you take visual notes, those doodles are sequentially organized like a road map and make sense!.

Now, why would you need a book when you already know how to doodle?. Well, it’s not the same to make a couple of doodles during a 1hr conference than to mindfully pick the most important points, doodle them and make them look good and understandable.

In this book, Emily explains all you need to know to start visual notetaking. To name a few, the importance of creating visual content, types of visual notes, tools, lettering styles, drawing basics, composition, listening cues, layouts, visual library, etc. There is plenty of space after each lesson so that you can practice right away.

Personally, I would have loved to see more examples in different styles and about more interesting subjects. The information provided is great for those without experience at all, but it lacks the eye-candy that entices you to try it. Which I would consider specially important to get beginners and casual readers (not those who already made their mind to learn this skill) excited about learning.

Would recommend this book to anyone interested about taking visually pleasing notes, but specially for those whose job requires to take notes and present them to others. Sketchnoting, as it is also called, can be a job by itself. So, I would also recommend it for artists, designers, assistants, journalists and those interested in broadening their professional skills.

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