Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come by Jessica Pan

Happy New Year everyone!!! wohooooo *throws confetti vigorously* . Okay, enough chit chat let’s get serious: Introversion. This is a subject that has gained popularity in recent years, mostly in the way of humorous comic strips, memes and all kinds of jokes about staying at home and dreading social events. I love reading, laughing and sharing them all across social media… but truth is, there’s something sad about it all. As an introvert myself, I often feel I’m missing out on things and opportunities just because I don’t dare to grab the spotlight, be bold and become a confident social butterfly. It’s frustrating and makes me curse this introversion along with shyness, highly sensitivity and so on. Can I change? Am I doomed to watch from afar and envy those non-sweating fellow humans? Well, Jessica Pan might be able to help you with those questions.

This book reads like a memoir. A full year of an introvert doing extrovert stuff. A full frigging year! Why? because she also had that burning question “What if I was an extrovert?“. Alright, here comes the advisory note: If you tend to get emotionally disturbed when reading a book that hits home, remember that she will be telling, in detail, her experiences doing things like improv in front of a crowd. Can you handle reading about that? Then you are good to go.

This book is full of humor and humanity. I could relate to her and feel her worries. I cheered for her in every step of the journey and got butterflies in my stomach when she dared to try things I think of as embarrassing.

The best part, is that through her journey, I realized how extroverts get shy and nervous too, that we can all boost our confidence and people skills. That it will be a struggle, but we can do all those fun things despite our irrational fears. But most of all, that it’s always worth going out of our comfort zone for a moment, than regretting not doing so for the rest of our lives.

I would definitely recommend it to introverts out there asking the same question to themselves: What if I was an extrovert?. With a mix of humor and self-help worthy material, this is a great gift for yourself or your dear introvert.

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