Thank you! Updates and Free Game course

Hello bookfriends! How have you been? I’m slowly going back to my reading and reviewing routine. If you have seen my IG account, you might have an idea of why I went MIA last year. I love art, just as much as books, as much as handcrafts, as much as 1023898 other things!. I recently heard of the term ‘multipotentialite’, in simple terms, someone with lots of interests! <- that’s me, I’m passionate about all of them. More of this on another article. Right now, I want to share with you what I’m doing and thank you for over 400 hundred followers!!! I’m preparing something big for when I hit 500, heheh.

I would love to have more interaction and chit chat with others, so I’ll be trying different things, one of them, sharing more than just book reviews. I’ll make this my cozy corner, hope you make yourself comfortable too πŸ™‚

So, what have I been doing?

Got into art school but couldn’t handle it because of health issues so I got out. However, I kept doing art every single day and night. Serendipitously, it was around that time that I started chatting with another artist/book lover and we decided to make a 366 day challenge: a whole year of artistic exploration and growth. Uff yeah, wonderful and scary at the same time, right? but we are doing fine so far, over 60 days of creativity already. Having a buddy taking the same challenge as you makes the journey more enjoyable.

This meant less time for reading and writing, for both of us, and we missed it dearly. Therefore, we decided to take it slow on the art department and bring back writing and reading to this yummy party.

For me, this means more reviews and FINALLY answering back to authors who have took their time to fill out my book review form and patiently waited for an answer. I’ll treat your precious books with care, one by one.

On another note, I started a free online course about Video Games! It looks very promising! I will keep you updated on it as well. It’s completely free and you get 15 ECTS when you complete it. I’ll add the information right below, they rely on more students to keep it free, so I’m sharing it in hopes more people interested can find this invaluable and free resource. Alright, this is all from me! I hope you are having a nice week. Thank you for reading me! Don’t hesitate to drop me a line and say hi πŸ™‚

Introduction to Video Games Creation -course, 15 ECTS University credits, FREE of Charge

Games are one of the most exciting, fast moving, and lucrative creative industries worldwide. In the last 15 years the industry has matured and diversified. There are several key disciplines people can specialise in. The most successful games are creative powerhouses that have revenue returns that far outstrip comparable products in other mediums. Examples include PUBG, GTA series, Need for Speed, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans to name a few massive success stories.

This course will provide a beginners guide to hands on games creation. The modules stand separately with deliverables but interlink so that a student completing all 15 ECTS credits will have a basic understanding how games are developed.

The lectures includes introduction to the games industry, data analytics, innovation in games, and history of games. Then after the warm-up modules you will be developing your own game designs, and games yourself!

The lectures are delivered mostly in forms of videos that you follow covering 2D painting, 3D modelling, and Unity development.

More about the course and sign-up here

Take care! see you on Friday!

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I enjoy sharing my love for good books with other people. I wish you can find the type of books meant for you. Art is my passion. Both activities allow me to travel to imaginary places, learn, grow and share my journey with others. Feel free to join me, I love company.

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