December Updates and my favorite Webtoons

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Hello my lovely reader, I’m back here with more book reviews. I’m planning to spend the rest of December doing all the reading I didn’t do during the rest of the year. Probably one of the worst ways to finish your self-imposed challenges, but I rather do some extra pushing than give up entirely.

A lot of craft, self-help and non fiction books were my favorite picks for the year. I think many of us have needed to focuson wellness, self-help and how to keep moving forward. This year I wasn’t that much into sweet fairy tales with fluffy endings nor dramatic stories, life gave me lots of it already, thank you. Long fiction reads that required emotional investing were very scarce in my list for the past 11 months. Most of my fiction came from Webtoons, which I read almost daily. So, If you like me, want just a couple of minutes of fiction per day, here are my top 10 Webtoons at the moment:

  1. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.
    Short stories about the life of the artist, her boyfriend and cute dog. Heartwarming and totally recommended for everyone.
  2. Your Smile is a Trap.
    Fictional story about a super cute trainee that wants to experience “normal life” without all the attention he gets because of his good looks. On the other hand, we have a girl with a scary facial expression that makes everyone think she is a bully, when in reality she isn’t. Nice romantic comedy.
  3. Empyrea.
    First of all, gorgeous art. Second, gorgeous art. Also super interesting steampunk / Victorian / fantasy mix with an interesting and unique story. A pleasure for the eyes.
  4. Murrz.
    Another comic with real stories from the artist’s life. Very relatable for american young adults and not so young anymore. Most of them are made to make you laugh at her circumstances.
  5. Purple Hyacinth.
    This is the perfect pair of wonderful art and superb storytelling. Many chapters include background music which starts as you scroll down. It is mostly detective drama with some hints of future romance and humor here and there. The story focuses on a female police officer obsessed about an incident that killed her parents and childhood friend. She can actually tell when someone is lying because the words sound different to her (for us, the letters change color). A whodunnit with cliffhangers and clues that readers are happy to theorize about in the comments section of each chapter.
  6. True Beauty.
    There’s a Korean rom-com starting December 9, 2020 based on this Webtoon. A cute romance with your typical love triangle. Guilty pleasure.
  7. The Remarried Empress.
    The Emperor is a horrible husband, his new mistress will make your stomach churn, but then there’s a very intriguing man that is truly interested in the Empress. I like how our protagonist is a strong woman that, we already know by the title, will ditch that jerk of a husband. The comment section always makes me laugh, people teaming up against the Emperor and “Trashta” as they lovingly named his mistress (her name is Rashta).
  8. Yumi’s Cells.
    This is the perfect story to read while commuting, waiting in line or when craving for something enjoyable and drama free. This is the story of Yumi and her brain cells: hunger cell, fashion cell, second-thought cell, etc. It’s such a clever and well executed story. Most of Yumi’s cells’ dilemmas come from Yumi’s love life, career and her love for food. Relatable.
  9. Mom, I’m Sorry.
    Our male protagonist gives away years from his life in exchange of saving her dying mother who worked all of her life to give her child a good life. Now she has a second chance in life and the opportunity to fulfill her dream to go to college. Only thing, she looks like she is 20-something. I liked how roles reversed in this story and can’t wait to see more character growth.
  10. Mystical.
    The art heals my soul, seriously, it is so beautiful and soft. From the same artist of Webtoon “Winter Woods” comes this story about a guy and a water creature that looks like a gorgeous girl. Not sure if there will be romance or not, this Webtoon started not so long ago in the official English version, but I’m enjoying the slow paced development and their friendly bond. Everything in the art and story screams magical, funny and calm.

Have you read any of these webtoons? Do you have other recommendations? Alright! happy reading and enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for stopping by, take care.
Miss Honeybug

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I enjoy sharing my love for good books with other people. I wish you can find the type of books meant for you. Art is my passion. Both activities allow me to travel to imaginary places, learn, grow and share my journey with others. Feel free to join me, I love company.


  1. Jon

    Me too, I like smile is a trap and I’m sorry mom ❤ smile is a trap is so fluffy and adorable 😊
    Have you read Why are you doing this duke and who made me a princess?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jon!!! Happy New Year! I haven’t checked Why are you doing this duke, but already started reading Who made me a princess?. So many good webtoons recently, I’ll check out your recommendation, hehehe happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jon

        Happy New Year! Yesss so many good webtoons! 😍 Why are you doing this duke and Who made me a princess are my faves, along with Midnight poppy land, she may not be cute, positively yours…have you read these? These are brilliant as well 😍 Happy Reading too 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you! 😁 Oh yes! How could I forget Midnight Poppy Land! the other two I have heard a lot about them and I really like the art of She may not be cute, so Im really looking forward to read it. Oh! if you are looking for a binge-read completed series, there’s “Flawless” by Shinshinhye. I read the english version in the Fan translate section of Webtoon. Ahhh so gooood!! 😍

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jon

            She may not be cute is sooo cute hehe. I haven’t read Flawless. I’ll check that out, thank you for the rec 😊


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