You’re On Mute by Jo Hoare

Never thought I would be reading a book about video chatting, but here I am. Google books classifies it as Humour while Amazon has it in their Business Culture category. I say it belongs to both. Have a laugh while learning some netiquette (online etiquette).

It has 101 tips distributed among 6 chapters: the basics, friends and family, quizzes, dating, work and the pitfalls. Each chapter is a collection of short tips that you can read in order or just choose from the category that catches your attention. I read them all in one sit, I was planing to read just one chapter before going to bed and next thing I noticed I finished the whole book.

I laughed a lot because many things mentioned here are relatable, like the typical awkward moment when everyone talks at the same time, then we all go silent and restart the awkwardness with “you go, no you first, no you”. Even when most of the tips are written in a humorous, relaxed way, they are worth taking more seriously. I want to share with you two of my favorite tips which can be useful for the holiday season:

30. Be Kind
You might be bored of video calls, but remember some of your friends and family might be feeling really lonely and this call might mean a lot to them”

38. Plan Ahead
Got a special occasion to mark or a friend who needs cheering up? Order a takeout or Amazon Now delivery to arrive when you’re on a call with the intended recipient. The doorbell going and a bottle of prosecco or box of brownies turning up will make them feel super- special, and you will get the warm fuzzy feeling of actually seeing them enjoy it. A word of warning: use this tip sparingly, otherwise when your birthday comes around you could end up with your body weight in Dominos dropping on the doorstep.”

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