Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media by Ana Victoria Calderon

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Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media by Ana Victoria Calderon is a wonderful book for creative exploration, specially suitable for beginners and art enthusiasts. Simple and beautiful projects that will entice you to experiment with watercolors, gouache, metallic paints, ink and even household supplies. Projects are inspired by nature. Among others: whimsical clouds, moons, galaxies and crystals.

First section of the book gives a very detailed explanation on the different tools and materials used for the projects, even brand names used for these projects are mentioned. Second section covers basic watercolor techniques and exercises to get you started experimenting and getting familiar with your paints and tools. The remaining four chapters are step-by-step projects where you can make use of the techniques you just learned.

It’s interesting how many books for watercolor beginners don’t mention things like how air humidity, different paint, paper or even type of salt (when using that technique) can create very different results from what you see in the book images. Ana makes sure to mention those things, making this book truly friendly for beginners. I really enjoyed exploring different mixed media techniques and de-stressing with one of the projects from this book, this is actually what I did during New Year šŸ˜:

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