The Urban Sketching Handbook: Techniques for Beginners: How to Build a Practice for Sketching on Location by Suhita Shirodkar

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When you read “urban sketching” what do you think?. Sketching buildings and outdoor spaces?. Yes? Well, that’s what I always thought. Sketching at home felt more comfortable than exposing myself to people and their potential interest in my activities. Now I have stronger excuses reasons for not going out and, ironically, I’m craving for it. Oh the irony. However, after reading Suhita Shirodkar’s The Urban Sketching Handbook: Techniques for Beginners: How to Build a Practice for Sketching on Location, I found options and great techniques for -finally- keeping a sketch on location habit, even if it is from home!.

Urban sketching without fear

This book is aimed at beginners and those struggling with the challenges urban sketching can bring. In the first chapter or “key”, you will learn about tools you can choose from, sketch kits and how to keep it simple, watercolor palettes, solutions to the “first blank page” struggle, finding the right subject, place and time slots to fit sketching into your schedule. The next 3 “keys” are packed with tips, techniques and examples of different sketching styles, tools, composition, perspective, texture, value and a complete chapter dedicated to drawing people. The last pages contain challenge ideas to kick-start your sketching practice.

I love how this book series always shows you examples of work from multiple artists, each with their very unique style and approach to sketching. It’s always exciting to discover artists I know and admire. This time I noticed Chris Carter, Liz Steel, James Gurney and Renato Palmuti.

While this book is meant for beginners, this is not a step-by-step or “follow this method” type of book. There’s no right or wrong way of doing things, but a variety of approaches, tips and techniques that will, hopefully inspire and help you discover your very own style.

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