Cute Chibi Animals by Phoebe Im

While I’m usually not interested in the typical step-by-step drawing books, you know, the ones that start with a circle, I really wanted to check this one out. The reason is, I follow Phoebe Im’s comic Bobblejot on Instagram and I really like the way Phoebe draws chibi characters, they are extra cute and soft.

First sections of the book cover the basics of what is a chibi, tools, tips and tricks for drawing, inking and coloring. It’s very basic, but you don’t really need much to start drawing these simplified creatures. Just have fun and enjoy the cuteness!.

This book has a whooping seventy-five animals to choose from, organized into 4 categories:

  1. Land mammals
  2. Aquatic and semiaquatic mammals
  3. Birds
  4. Amphibians, fish, reptiles and more

Each tutorial has at least 8 steps, but some animals require more than that, the horse being the longest one with 16 steps.

These chibi designs would look great in bullet journals, ready to cheer up your week. I can also imagine handmade greeting cards with one of these cuddly fellas spreading love. I drew some of them digitally at it was a lot of fun!

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