Hi! I am Alicia and I started blogging summer 2017. I post content at least twice a week but expect even more than that.   Yeah… nope, life is this awesome unpredictable thing that loves to add plot twists to the story so yeap, no promises but I’m commited to twice per week.


“Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.”

Henry David Thoreau

What defines me the most as a reader is that I read for entertainment but also to expand my mind. I’m open to new ideas and new writers and most definitely  not wedded to any particular genre or range of authors. I like non-fiction with subjects like technology, games, philosophy, cooking, crafting, nature, healthy living, etc. When it comes to fiction, I enjoy fangirling and immersing myself inside fictional worlds full of fantasy, romance, mystery, action, sci-fi, etc.

I like to go beyond the book and I will create art and crafts inspired by my favorite books and perhaps in the future, based on requests by readers. Expect tutorials, eyecandy and freebies.


brush_petal_pinkI also love handcrafts and making art in general. I used to have a swap-bot account and exchange crafts with people around the world. I enjoy: knitting, crocheting, drawing, making figurines, papier mache, origami, UV resin, beading, digital painting, bookbinding, etc. And of course I am always learning new techniques I can play with.

Talking about learning, I use Skillshare and I love it! I  have took classes about watercolors, pencil drawing, doodling, sculpting, cooking, vector graphics, etc. If you want to check what I am learning at the moment you can stalk  follow me there as well aaaaand, I can actually give you  2 free months with access to AAaaaAalll of the premium classes so, without further ado here: 2 months of free premium content for you just because you wanted to know more about me ♥♥


Feel free to contact me for any suggestion, idea, collaboration, read-together,etc. You can reach me through any of my social media channels or email