Review Policy

TL:DR I don’t make a single penny from this blog. I accept requests for reviews (with limitations). All my reviews are my honest opinion. I don’t have star-rate system in my blog, I only use them on external sites.


  • I review books that I buy, borrow from the library or receive from authors and publishers in exchange for a fair review (when this is the case, it is mentioned in the same post). All and every single review in this blog is my honest personal opinion, influenced by all the input I have got since I was born: upbringing, parents, friends, society, culture, media, what I have read since I was a kid and quite probably even what I have ate and the quality of the air I’m breathing at the moment of reading and writing the review, just like anyone else.
  • I’m not affiliated to any bookseller company, the links I give are just for your comfort (and it takes me quite a while to link them all and remove all the nasty extra code, yes I love you too).



  • I accept physical and digital copies for reviewing.
  • I’m specially fond of non-fiction, YA, arts & crafts, graphic novels, romance, sci-fi and fantasy.


  • I wont review drafts or heavily unedited versions.
  • Erotica, Western, Thriller, Horror, Gore, explicit content or Poems.

Inquiries: miss.honeybug (at) or PM through social media for more details.

Rating system

-I dont use star rating system in my blog-

I believe books are like people, you wouldn’t like someone calling you a 1-star person right? unless it is on your forehead and the teacher gave it to you. We usually have a reduced group of people we love and connect with, those would be our 5 stars people. Yet, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world are not good enough or faulty and no one else should befriend them right? Same goes with books; some you will be thrilled to read and give them 5 stars, some others you wont connect at all, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential to become someone else’s favorite. That is why I simply talk about what the book does good or not. I can give my opinion but I will let the reader decide. I think a star rate can give false impression that a book is not good, when in reality it is possible to dislike a book while knowing that it is also a great read. I prefer to hint to whom it would be most suitable and to whom it might not appeal.

-I give star ratings on external sites –

Like,, Goodreads or NetGalley. So, if you really need to know how many stars I would give a certain book, the easiest option is to follow me on Goodreads.