New Year resolutions and easy DIY vision board

Yeah I know, 2 weeks of 2019 have already passed but better late than never!! I decided that instead of telling you all the stuff I want to do this year (from which half I wont finish or even remember), I shall show my Vision Board and how to do an erasable calendar/ organizer.

First of all, I wanted to show you this, yes! I made it! barely…

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November’s arts & crafts

As promised, I will show you what I did during November. At this point, it has become a habit to do something creative every day and, as weird as it might sound, I feel like something is missing if I am not holding a brush or pencil.

Everything here is watercolors except for a polymer clay figurine, my first 1/8 sized figurine!!! I was so nervous because I have avoided drawing/painting/sculpting humans all my life. But hey, only way to get better is by doing! So, if there is something you are afraid to try because “I’m not good at it”, all the more reason to try harder! not once but many times, until you improve.

So here they are!! and something special for Robbie Yates at the end of the post 😀


Had to squeeze them all together or else this I would have ended as a super long post. If you want to check bigger versions, these are all available on Instagram.

There’s one image based on a famous painting. The prompt was “Favorite Artwork/ Artist” So I painted my favorite artwork. Can you guess which one it is?. If you can guess the artist and the name of the painting correctly, I will send you a surprise 😉

Even in my art endeavors, books are involved. Yup, I used Andrew Loomis’ “Figure drawing for all it’s worth” as reference for my 1/8 scale figurine:


It all starts with wire and aluminum foil.


I model my figurine in several steps, baking in between steps.


Once complete, I used a primer and then had fun painting!!.


This is a “behind the scenes” picture, because everything on the Internet looks too glamorous. But you know what?, behind every awesome picture… is a pile of dirty dishes!! (totally worth it, I finished this piece in less than 2 weeks).


And finally! *drumroll* I’ve been learning on Skillshare how to animate and create gifs… and because I was so inspired by The Kooky Kid’s Club I made this!



Yay! That’s all for now! see you tomorrow! ♥


I review art and craft books but… am I arting and crafting?

The answer is simple, YES!! that is why I don’t post that often! Well, I could post more if you are interested about my creative journey, but are you?. I have started to add moodboards, fanart (my previous post included my first ever gif! wohoo! not that anyone noticed, not even the author, but I’m quite pleased with it, my little baby). This is a project I made on Skillshare, where I have learned about watercolors, design, illustration, fine arts and so on…Right now they have a lot of classes for drawing and painting with Procreate and it almost makes me want to buy an Ipad Pro >-< (btw if you want 2 free months you can get them through my referral link).

If you read to the end of this post, you’ll get free food 😉

Mark Your Memories: Make an Illustrated Milestone Map | A Creative Exercise for Any Level3

and as promised, here it is, painted baked with love by yours truly:



See you tomorrow!