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Hello friends!! I’m just reblogging this post for any of you interested in bookish events (book tours, reviews, etc). So many yummy books πŸ˜€ worth checking out!

See ya tomorrow~

Hello fellow readers! As you know, in addition to my blog, I also organize bookish events and review opportunities on behalf of many authors in our community! Right now I have so many books and open events, I don’t quite know what to do with them all and I could really use your help!

Hey Bookworms! I’ve Got Loads of #Blogging Opportunities (All Genres) Have a Peek! #BookLovers #Bookworms #BookBloggers πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š β€” Reads & ReelsReads & ReelsHey Bookworms! I’ve Got Loads of #Blogging Opportunities (All Genres) Have a Peek! #BookLovers #Bookworms #BookBloggers πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š β€” Reads & Reels

Magnificent Fantasy Creatures and How to Draw Them by Kev Walker

Hi there! I was going to talk about this book last week but I started making an “illuminated initial” bookmark and lost track of time! ooops. I didn’t post any art book this weekend, so I’ll post them during this week.

About my bookmark, let me tell you, at first I felt overwhelmed and felt like I couldn’t create something as intricate as that. But I just gave it a go, ready to fail but also ready to learn from it, and guess what?. It turned out pretty good!. You know how they say that all you need is to trust yourself? well, sometimes you don’t even need that! (I mean, most of the time I don’t trust myself, I’m good example of that). Sometimes all you need is to keep moving forward.Β 


no expectations.

you can still doubt yourself.

just don’t stop.

You’ll be surprised of how much you can actually achieve and learn if you just dare to try and fail… or succeed!. Regrets often stem from what you didn’t try, not from your mistakes. Now let me show you my bookmark and then we can have some book talk πŸ˜‰

Picture of bookmark with an illuminated letter A and medieval ornamentation

Magnificent Fantasy Creatures and How to Draw Them

by Kev Walker

Keywords: non-fiction, educational, creativity, drawing, creature design.
*Paperback, 160 pages
Published October 9th 2018
by Impact

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The Complete Book of Calligraphy & Lettering by Cari Ferraro, Eugene Metcalf, Arthur Newhall, John Stevens

Artsy weekend tiiiime!! I’ve been seriously trying to learn calligraphy and lettering during the past months and, oh my gosh, I can’t stop paying attention to labels, logos and all the places where lettering appears. A good example of how we see a lot of things during the day but hardly pay attention to any of it. Now I’m more aware of how pretty the flourishes look on that boutique’s name or that kick-ass lettering masterpiece on an artisan beer’s label. I’m still quite mediocre at calligraphy, it does require a lot of practice, but it is a gratifying experience, there is something quite special about hand lettering.

Book cover and book info

The Complete Book of Calligraphy & Lettering:
A comprehensive guide to more than 100 traditional calligraphy and hand-lettering techniques
by Cari Ferraro, Eugene Metcalf, Arthur Newhall, John Stevens

Keywords: non-fiction, DIY, reference, lettering, calligraphy, scripts, old+ modern techniques, visual, step-by-step.
*Hardcover, 240 pages Published September 25th 2018
by Walter Foster Publishing

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An Understandable Guide to Music Theory by Chaz Bufe

Alright, if any of you remember/read my vision board post and had really good eye to noticed a tiny drawing with piano keys and a hand on top, well, that’s because I have always wanted to play music.

More than marrying an instrument, I was enamored with the idea of producing sounds to feel and express emotions, same way as with my affair with drawing and painting.

As a kid and then as a teenager, I was too naive and afraid to pursue stuff I liked, all I wanted was to please my parents and avoid mental (and sometimes physical) trouble. Now that I don’t have those limitations, I have started to express myself more and discover who I am and what I really want. Art being at the center of it all!. I’m every day learning about art and design. I’m hoping it will become my primary source of income in the future.

Music is my next artistic passion. Piano, violin and flute being my 3 favorite instruments and, while I don’t plan to make a career out of music, I want to be able to understand those instruments and be able pour my emotions while playing some of my favorite tunes. But as the self-learner I am, I rely on online tutorials, MOOCs and books. That’s what made me pick this title:

An Understandable Guide to Music Theory:
The Most Useful Aspects of Theory for Rock, Jazz, and Blues Musicians
by Charles Bufe

Keywords: non-fiction, reference, music theory, advanced, educational, guide.
*Paperback, 74 pages
Published January 1st 1994
by See Sharp Press

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Crafting love by Maggie Oman Shannon

Happy Valentine’s day my lovely friends!! Today I want to talk to you about a book related to love, very appropriate for the day right?. I’m going to take the opportunity and say THANK YOU for reading this and being part of the blogging community. It has been wonderful connecting with people from distant places and making friends with kindred souls. I haven’t met you face to face, buy we have definitely bumped heart to heart or brain to brain?. Blogging can actually bring people closer to each other, perhaps because it’s a safe place where we don’t need to wear social masks and live up to other’s expectations. Not to mention it is a heaven for those of us who are shy and hardly speak in real life but can pour our hearts and half our blood into a post or comment. Heh, enough blabbering, let me tell you more about this crafty book:

book cover and info

Crafting love
Sharing Our Hearts through the Work of Our Hands
by Maggie Oman Shannon

Keywords: non-finction, hobbies, crafts, DIY, inspirational, spiritual
*Paperback, 240 pages
Published January 7th 2019
by Viva Editions

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2019 Book Fair Calendar

A few weeks ago, Kotobee sent me an email letting me know about their cool International Book Fair Calendar. It’s gorgeous and interactive! You can click on the icon corresponding to a certain part of the world and it shows you the most important fairs organized by month, with a neat description about the event and link to their official page. It also has an infographic version, (like the one below) for each continent! as well as a “calendar version” showing the countries holding book fairs during that month. I included some of the graphics down below, but seriously, you want to check out their blog post with all of the continents and all the interactive features.


2019 North America Book fair Calendar
2019 International Book fair Calendar

Wall Street Kitchen by Victor Chiu

My brain seriously loved this book, if you are interested about how investing works (like me) or are seriously considering investing and want some guidance, but can’t process those heavy books on economics and would rather have someone explain it to you in layman’s terms, this book is a great option.

Wall Street Kitchen
The Recipe Behind a Housewife’s 1000% Stock Return
by Victor Chiu

Keywords: nonfiction, educational, economics, finance,
*Kindle Edition, 244 pages Published November 30th 2016
by Victor Chiu

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